French is the possession of France

If I was to say that French was the possession of France. I will be killed on sight by a good number of people.
You have now a good number of media that use French but that are not dependent of France.
But let me try to say something else, “Japanese is the propriety of Japan.”
Hey!! I am still alive!
This to say that there is no broadly external media of influence in Japanese,
All Japanese media are controlled by Japan or a Japanese company.
Not really free, and always….one Direction.

I am not saying that because I am concern by the survival of Japanese culture. Nop, no worries about that,
but I would like more of an external, opposition like way of thinking.

I will never see a soap drama, with an other message than “gambatte, gambattara dekirundesu…tsuraikedo”
and all those society based on the “sacrifice for work” way of life.
This was good in the 80 and 90 but, not any more, this is not the same society.
I am not asking for a fiction or a documentary about a tabou, an historic riddle…No, just a fiction, the Ozon way,
simple people, just normal every day life. But not the “kurrushikedo ganbarimashou”.
Just japan as it is really.
And giving some hope of difference.
Giving people a way of thinking differently.