Sorry, wrong URL, I was speaking about t

Sorry, wrong URL, I was speaking about this one. @jauntvr


Translation of : Oculus Game Jam in Japan ( Tokyo Ginza Doorkeeper Event registration page)

This is a fan translation,
The official page is here

Oculus Game Jam
– The future of game is made here! ~

Outline of event

Make a game using the Oculus Rift in a group during two days.
The games are selected from projects submitted in advance.
※ The development of game contents with required age limit are strictly prohibited.
Finally, the produced game of each team is played, and this will be the end of the event.

What is The Oculus Game Jam?

  • It is an event in which will be developed content using the Oculus Rift.
  • In a limited time of 30 hours, a team of members that don’t know each others will develop a game. The game making work-flow is usually consuming lots of time, but here it is reduce to 30 hours, the results will be bigger.
  • Because it is as important as programing for the development of a game, people with other skill that programing will be of extreme importance.
    -“But I am not a programmer” you were thinking not to participate, just stop there! WE NEED YOU!
    -3D modeler, designer, plan builder, are really in demand during the event.
  • If you have no experience or you never participated to a game jam,
    no worries, we really invite you to participate.
    -What is really necessary is “Motivation” “patience” “courage”.
    If you have those 3, it will compensate experience and knowledge.
    For sure,
    -previous preparations are a necessity,
    -we will have during October and November briefings and workshops for all beginner’s and Game Jam inexperienced person.

Opening time

2015/11/28 (Sat) 09:00 ~ 11/29 (Sun) 21:00


There is just one venue in Tokyo, in Okinawa the event will be held in the same time. seating capacity is limited for the venue, then we insist on your registration on Doorkeeper “Tokyo-Ginza Hall”.

Media Technology Labs (Ginza)
Tokyo Chuo-ku Ginza 7-2-6 recruit annex 1 Bldg. B1F

Registration for other venues thank you to follow those links!
Osaka Imedio site (Osaka City Suminoe-ku)
University of the Ryukyus venue (Okinawa Prefecture Nakagami-gun Nishihara)
Hiroshima Hall(Hiroshima)

Participation fee

For sure it’s free.
-you have to bring 2 business cards (It’s necessary in order to get in)
For those without a business card, you will have to fill up a registration forme ( name, adress, and Phone number) at the reception.

Time Table


Time table of the first day
09H00 Reception of participants, entrey
09H30 Rules explanations, team constitution
10H00 Beginning of the Game Jam
19H00 Presentation of projects
Time table of the second day
09h00 Beginning of the reentry of the people that have return home during the night.
10h00 End of the reentry
13H00 Middle day announcement
17H00 End of the Game Jam
17H15 Beginning of the presentation for the test play.
18H00 Test play and networking (* refer to margin)
20H00 End of test play, beginning of the cleaning up, participants begin to return home.
21H00 Complete end of the event.

* During the second part of the test play (19:00 ~ 20:00), a limited number of person can be allowed to participate to the event. At this occasion teams created during game jam will choose either or not to showcase their work. We will regroup the invited persons for the second part of the test play session in the inscription form.


We will fallow almost 50% of the previous rules established during the previous Oculus Game Jam.

  • You register previously in this Google doc the game that you wish to build.
    -It will not mean that you will be the one that will actually “build” it.
    -It is really welcome if you put more then one idea down.
    -Please write down your idea on the Automn2015 sheet.
  • In the first day Morning we will read out those ideas.
    -We will then hand vote which idea should be made into a game.
    -If there is more then 2 persons (This not include no programmers) the development of the game can begun.
    -If a project attract lots of interest, the project will be splited in different teams.
  • It is forbiden to develop a content that need a age limitation.


-Normally the development can begun with a group of more then 2.
-If you participate as non programmer you can join a group of 2. This will constitute a team.

Installation in the venue.

    • You will be able to use a wifi connection.
    • About electricity
      -If you are to use a large quantity of electricity consuming device, you are required to contact the event organization team.
      -You can use your respective power strips or extension cords.
    • There are no sleeping facilities and relaxation space in the venue.
      In order to sleep comfortably we recommend you bring a sleeping bag, eyes mask and earplugs.
    • Eating is permitted in the venue.
      -You are welcome to bring water in all quantity,
      -It is an event in which under 20 can participate, then it is strictly prohibited to bring any alcohol.
      -Please refrain to bring food with a strong smell.
      -Always keep clean, chairs, table and floor. And if you were to dirty the ground, please call immediately.
    • Parts that can not be put in a travel luggage will not be allowed inside.
    • High temperature device, flammables, and smoking are strictly forbidden inside the venue.-Device that emit fire or smoke are not allowed.

-You can not bring in your electric kettle.For hot water, please contact us.
-Devices that can emit a strong heat, risking fire protection equipment to react also are not available.
-Needless to say that smoking is forbidden to.

  • For entry and going out (at night also) you will have to be accompanied by an employee of the venue provider company.
    -There is no sleeping equipment, or relaxing space.

Conditions of Participation


  • Please have two business cards (It is required during admission procedures)
    If you do not have business card you will have to fill out a form and give information such as your real name, address and telephone number at the reception desk.
  • It is possible participation even if you are not in possession of the Oculus Rift.
  • Although it is beginners welcome, please come with some knowledge of how to operation it, and how to develop VR content with the specific software.
  • Participants have to make sure they registered as the Oculus VR developers on the following page.
  • This event because, it can involve staying all night in the event hall is not allowed to under 18 participants.
  • For participants over 18 but under 20, you have to leave in time to come back home, and you will have to reentry in the morning of the next day before 10H.

About the “playable time”


  • It’s the time where participants can test play contents other than their own.
  • In order to explain your final work. You have to keep more then one member of the team, but in order that everyone can play other contents you will have to change time to time the team members that stay to present the game.



Name of the organization collaboration object Company URL
Mashup Awards The Tokyo venue
Unity Technologies Japan Unity 5 pro Game Jam Licence

details ask organizers.

In the same time or afterward, Venue of participation.

We are searching for other Venue, event spaces, to hold this event.
“I have a space but I no experience in event management”,
“I have a space and management knowledge, I definitively wants to participate.”
“With this schedule, it impossible but I want to do it!”

For people thinking like this, you definitively have to contact us.
Look down in the “organization” to find our contact.

Looking for cooperation or licensee cooperation

Food cooperation, or license cooperation, hardware,software cooperations are strongly welcomed.


It’s an event where lots of fragile devices will be brought in,
accordingly to the decision of the organizers, only media that have previously registered and announce their wish to participate to the event, will be able to assist to it.



For contact please refer to Oculus Game Jam in Japan on
Twitter: @OculusGameJam
by DM or Mention