“Laval Virtual” World biggest VR festival


Laval Virtual – regional development with VR – In Japanese Laval Virtualをご存知ですか?

フランス中西部のロワール地方,マイエンヌ県の県庁所在地 Laval市は, 中世の雰囲気漂う乳製品などが有名な街.ポスト印象派のアンリ・ルソー(Henri Julien Félix Rousseau)の生家がある静かで美しい街です. それだけではありません.この都市は近年特に注目されている主要なIT技術の一つであるVirtual Realityで地域振興を長年続けている, ヨーロッパ最大のVR地域振興都市です.  本イベントでは,18年続く毎年春に開催されているVRに関連するフェスティバル「Laval Virtual」について紹介します.   国際会議ACM VRIC,Exhibition, 学生コンテスト,Startup-company contest, AR/VR contents, 世界中の先進技術デモが集まるReVolution,EON RealityをはじめとするLavalを拠点とするグローバルカンパニーの活躍や,大学都市,都市計画について,また日本とフランスのVR業界をつなぐ 架け橋である学生VRコンテスト「IVRC」( http://ivrc.net/2016/ )についても紹介します. VR関連の技術,研究開発,ビジネス,コミュニティに興味がある人々の参加を歓迎します!


Yet an other auto promotion note

Hello Madam, Mr.


I would like to add in this document some information about what I do.

I organize  and coorganized events centered on French startups, French public entities.

I will now speak about the events:


Next events:





Laval Virtual



Here are the past events:


Animation in Japan


Pictures of Event


An event at Irex (Robotics)

France and Japan robotics collaboration


Some info about previous events:

Motorcycle event


Event Car


Event food

With Cheese Oukoku


Restaurant concert




Also I have to say that I usually film the events and post produce myself the movie,

And give a great deal of importance to post-promotion



Why not buy some Japanese Brand

In the middle of a lost street of Tokyo, there is chances to find  “The Brand”,  waiting for investors, completely unknown of the rest of the earth.

Some time those brands have hundreds of years of experience, invaluable know-how, tech and so on.

But they does not communicate.

They are just waiting to fade away in the business history of Japan…

To the contrary of Paris where streets are full of newly rediscovered craftsmanship boutiques, they know that nobody will fight for their trade, they know that all the kids are running for dot com companies.

Japanese big companies have a long history of purchasing or helping the expansion of foreign Brand in Japan.

The technique is simple, go somewhere in Europe (For example), find an old shop, interesting enough, take pictures, bring documents, old tools for example, send everything to the designers. Most of the time, pictures are always “the Craftsman at work”,…Everything will be made as fast as possible in a Plant, as fast as possible other shops will open. If the shop is working well, expand. If not erase.

But this technique was always for trendy shops, trendy products that can be continued in time. But for other, the Department store select shop was just sufficient.

Those days are gone.

Why not do what Japanese did for decades, come into Japan, negotiate with those little companies the right to sale their products according to their identity outside Japan.

-Sake is a nice target


-All sort of handcraft products makers of all size…

without counting all the industrially sexy IP that some companies have.

I am not a pro in this mater, sorry for that, but I am just sad to see go away know-how, identity and what was making this country rich in ideas.








What I do

Hello to all,

I just sent a mail to a nice person from an extremely famous company that do Cars. Anyway I have no chance of a positive answer, and they already said no. But what relationship does not begin by a NO.

ahhh Yes Why this mail?, I have to find a venue that can host a plan Engine, a sport car, and a beautiful bike. All Electric device for sure. And….

But just let’s keep on my desperate mail, not all of it yet.

Mister …..

Here I shift to English.
I organize event centered around a French Legal Entity called “French Tech”
Wikipedia Entry
Official Site
Japanese site

I am always working in collaboration with Blablabla blablabla.
There is a good number of French Entrepreneurs in Tokyo, all young and talented.

About the Events:

Each time the Theme is different.

The last event was about Japanese animation future in collaboration with Softbank.
2 studios owners, and one IP sales person.


Pictures of Event.

event logo

I also coorganized an event during Irex on Robotics. About the France and Japan chances to collaborate on this topic.


French Tech Roundtable Session #1
I also organized other kind of events.
Event Moto

Zecoo Motor Event

Event Car

ALPINA Special Test Drive & Lunch in TERAKOYA

Event food

With Cheese Oukoku

Vin de paille

Restaurant concert

小金井音楽談話室: 「ランチタイム・コンサート」


And I continue here…but I will not charge to much this post.

Have a good day, and if your company need a little PR, that you have a wonderful venue that nobody use because nobody knows about it. Let’s talk…

Yes you will not see IMMEDIATELY profits but, I know what I do.

Tsurubaso Agency
Sylvain Bilhaud
E-mail: sylvain.bilhaud@gmail.com
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