Singapore, Business is Peace


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Also have a short look here for brief infos from BBC.


A short note, so much is to be said that I prefer to be short.

I read so much about religions those days, the dress code at the beach, freedom of women, blabla.

Either for #Japan , or #France , a short trip to Singapore is needed.

I need to go a bite deeper in my knowledge of Singapore though…

Before writing things but I think everybody will be amazed by this people and this city.

Will talk about, If I can.


Aljazeera on Japan

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This have no relation with the subject in itself but, since Aljazeera adress almost all countries, and seriously, their “share” button and the “more” is a real adventure to see. So many SNS. A good marketing that make understand their strength.

The Colonel


You know this great American.
Symbol of success event with age.
This guy is also my hero.
I will not tell you how my story is near from his…
I am just 43.
No, I do respect his work.
But be honest, why was it possible?
Let’s face facts.
Baby boom, strong middle class, everyone eager to consume.
A good food for a reasonable price.
In Japan, his image and Santa always mix together.
No, at his time, no white bus in LA, no Uber, steady jobs.
Young entrepreneurs was not competing for how much they were able to leverage by VC.
Good old door to door, cold call business.
Trust was his only value when he decided who to franchise or not.
The legend says he should have made money faster but he always refused who he didn’t trust.
Sleeping in the car, traveling fare away.
He is one of my hero.

A slow decision process

This quote come from here:


Rochelle Kopp says it better than me. 

“The challenge for Japanese companies today is that the quickening rate of technological progress is leading to radically shorted product lifecycles and rapidly emerging opportunities. The common refrain that I hear from Americans who work for Japanese companies, particularly in high tech areas, is that their companies’ decision-making processes prevent them from keeping up with what is happening in the marketplace. These employees feel handcuffed when trying to respond quickly to customer requests, or when trying to exploit a new product area. “By the time we have made a decision, the window of opportunity has closed” is a common complaint. However, in Japan there is little concept of a window of opportunity. Although not as much so as some cultures such as Latin Americans, Japanese are less likely than Americans to feel that time is a limited commodity. The attitude is that if something is a good idea, it will still be a good idea once we have gone through our decision-making process. “

French Tech in America

Here is the list of lists.
Mainly French Startups in the US, and some in Canada.

Fresh Nasdaq Entry

List of most notorious French Statups in the US:
Tvty Good target
Capptain_HQ Too late
Sublimeskinz Good target

A list During CES 2016

The French Hubs:
List of companies created by French people in New York.
List of companies created by French people in Montréal
List of companies created by French people in San Francisco