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Geek week end

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Ok this time it more archives of others, points of views of Others. Some time you get tired of the future of Japanese Bonds, or other pointless things you have no way to be of any influence.

Do you know Halo?

And Cortana?

If you have Windows 10 or above look at the left corner of your PC. And ask yourself why name it Cortana?

Do you know about the first encounter between what we call now a A.I. in…it was not a game, but a movie.

A Space Odyssey

Some how a rough start, Not willing to go out Hal.

Hal is some how the father or grand father of Cortana.

All the Halo series move around the wired relationship between, Master chief and Cortana.

I am not sure, but in all the series, you never see his face. And you are progressively getting moved by Cortana.

Ok here is a serie of Analyses about Halo 5, and what will be the 6.

The below is geek only, death of Cortana in 4


You can also watch all the Game movie to be found somewhere.

Speaking about A.I. there is lots of moves all around the planet to make the loved one alive again (With a A.I. that mimic human response) Or replace human work Hotel and so one. I will be lazy on this one I will not….after all he was cool, let’s find this genius guy creepy web site.


Here is the Adress

An other guy I’love to work with.

OK the short postis not short anymore, but no stress either…

Be the geekeness be with you.




Ready for the big bond



Ok this will be fast and without article selection.

Will be possible to select a nice list of respected newspaper’s articles saying controversial or contradictory things. I didn’t lost faith in the Financial Times and others…

It’s just that I have no time to find the arguments. I would have love to, but, new job, new busy me.

In One hand, the BOJ buys bonds, and in the other hand make interest rate negative for some of them.

Ok, you lose money if you buy it then. Why you buy it?

I read that the number of purchased bonds was in a sharp decrease, like a half of last year or something.

But what make the Japan budget? You know like me that Japan have a terrible tax policy, and with this eternal recession, not getting much return from the private sector.

The budget is 50% tax and 50% JAPAN BONDS, the previous bonds that are negative and not worth to by bought.

Surely I am missing something.

Must be different type of bonds.

Also an other trigger if nobody buys, the interest rate must go up? With the borrowing level of the Japan gov this will also not be possible.


I am out.



Économie Japonaise sélection

1952_shibuyaLes Echos : Comment sortir le Japon de sa longue stagnation économique

Le Monde : L’économie japonaise toujours en déflation

BNP Paribas : Japon, crédibilité


Bon, toujours la même histoire comment relancer une consommation quand vous écrabouillez ceux qui devraient consommer. Tout est dans les articles plus haut. Précarité de l’emploi, pourcentage des CDI en peau de chagrin, vous allez pas acheter un frigo quand vous ne pouvez pas acheter du lait.

Faut constater plusieurs points, les politiques japonais ont quelques problèmes avec la réalité. Vous croyez que je viens de dire une Ânerie, ben non…Ils sont complètement out of focus. Ils balancent des politiques qui marcheraient super bien en 1965/1970. Mais je crois qu’ils font semblant. Enfin, ici je n’ai pas de droit de vote, et l’opposition n’est plus qu’une crêpe. Alternance, 2011, boom Fukushima. De plus l’opposition ne contrôle pas la télé, donc c’est mort.

Une relance de l’industrie, relance liée à la conso lié au tourisme au Japon? c’est tout bonnement impressionnant. Je ne reconnais plus Shibuya. On se croirait à Paris dans les belles heures des années 90 sur la butte. Beaucoup plus de touristes asiatiques. Ils n’existaient pas dans cette proportion il y a 5/10 ans. La Chine et les autres pays d’Asie doivent tirer la consommation des produits japonais à l’extérieur aussi.

Bon, c’est dans aucun des articles mais je pense, et j’entends souvent ça, les Mastodontes ne suivent plus, les grosses boîtes se reposent en se croyant loin de tout fracas. Oui, y a toujours l’argent publique, et le mieux c’est que la Banque du Japon leur rachète leurs bons d’Etat (Là faudra que je vérifie) . Bref, ils somnolent en fumant leur houka, mais en bas, il y a pas mal de startups sympa, soit achetées par eux, ou par d’autres. C’est là que je vois un espoir dans l’éco Japonaise. Les Startups. Le Japon devrait et c’est encore un peu tôt peut-être, se lancer dans une expansion à la mode Israélienne. Mais bon, c’est moi qui rêve. Pour l’instant ce sont les startups Japonaises qui rachètent ou investissent dans les Françaises, et Fleur Pellerin ne me contredira pas.

Bref, je me suis lâché, j’ai juste ce weekend et après c’est mort cérébrale…

Je devrais ne pas pouvoir écrire pendant longtemps.




I’m not an economist


I was reading…but to be franc with you I was at the first line already “énervé” out of nerves.

Assessing Abenomics

First line:

“While acknowledging the partial success of Abenomics,”

Partial??? Partial success!!!!!

OK, let’s look around.


Enjoy the read


Same source


Same source.

The Success is only partial.


half empty or half plain…


Then I found a guy who regroup graphs like I did upper.

Here (It’s interesting.)


to be franc with you I read those kind of alert about the future Japan collapse for almost 20 years…

Japanese are resilient, I know. But You may have to put your eggs in the best basket if you are an investor. Me, I will watch from inside leaking my Ice cream. and…

” A number of the world’s developed economies are facing these challenges nine years after the global financial crisis broke out in European money markets in summer 2007″

I am sorry I can’t continue the reading….

No body invest because everybody is afraid of the future!!! Is that so complicated?

Why????? Because globally in Europe, Japan, else.. population is getting old and not willing to take risk.

If you were reading French you would enjoy this one.

Companies don’t see consumption then they don’t take risks, no full time young guys, no invest…and see the result.
I will continue to force myself
After some line,…
“Huge bubbles burst in the Japanese real-estate and equity markets in 1990”
but if you have no time go directly here
Are we not in a similar situation?
No, Foreigners are buying.
OK I am lost…
Back to the article.
“During this period, structural policy was applied to the labor market with the view to increasing wage flexibility downward.”
God, please help me!
In one article, just all Japan shadows and lights.

baito, haken, low wages, long working hours, no pensions, no possible marriage.

Enjoy this article



Japan is going extremely well, Abe is making a great success, Japan will prevail.

All you’ve been reading was a lie.

And me,

I am perfectly wrong.




About Propriety in Tokyo

Up the buildingPriti I do appreciate your firm policy, tell the truth on Tokyo market,  and sell propriety where it is, and will move, Fukuoka, Sapporo.

Tokyo for those who are not in Finance, and even…, this truth is in front of you each morning. Empty shops, apartments that does not light up,  promotion panel without add, it is like this since Abe.

But In the same time, lots of tourists, much more than before, huge market ahead, but I am not so sure if Japanese get the change.

Recruiting is harder than before I guess. Yes Japan companies AND FOREIGN COMPANIES are searching to recruit manly Japanese. And I will add nothing about the population figures, you have seen them millions of time.

Foreigner employee (me included) are in every corner, Japanese will have to progressively adapt to that also.

Will they?