Retail from the shop point of view 9

It’s funny how ideas comes always into crowded situation, and really really often into the subway or train.

I finished the last post imagining what will be the future of retail, I was thinking about the influence of that into the work force.

New industrialization Age

The previous age of industrialization was about mass production in low wages countries and distribution of the same product all over the world.

The next won’t be about mass, but about speed. Personalize in real time. The 3D printers will evolve and improve, the globalization will change, meaning that trading will be made mostly into areas, Asian countries will exchange inside the same area. Same for Europeans, America, …

Everyone will be project manager

To get back to my visualization of the future of retailing and all this work on concept. The product will be just a 3D visualization sometimes, the clients will be able to manipulate it, make it evolve to their needs. As Microsoft made everyone beta testers for Windows, products will be finished by the clients, everyone will be project manager, before a product was even made.

I don’t know if I will be able to live to see that but it’s the logical evolution of what I’m thinking about.

The link bellow lead to an old reflection, similarity is interesting here.


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Retail from the shop point of view 8

A good example of too much concept, but extremely nice and interesting.

I do prefer this one…

A kind of what I was thinking

Why not recreate reality, add spices

Why not use this in reality…

And add products out of the shop delivered later on. Products based on the profile of the shopper.

And why not recreate reality, add spices, we have decorated phone cases, why not give “whooo” to our shopping moments.

Imagine shop in a spaceship with windows unveiling a Star Wars moments.


(Better not take risks with rights)

Have some collab with Microsoft for Halo.

Imagine you are shopping inside Pillars of Autumn…or in the Middle Earth.

Mix reality with funny worlds, and for each person a different skin


(A Skin for a MMORPG as an example to explain the concept.)

Each person will see a different thing adapted to his/here center of interest. If you don’t like SF, but love Hawaii, guess what will pop up from the supermarket virtual window.


I have millions of things to say…

A new Industry


But this work on construction of visualizations, will be a real time job, ecologic also, no more paper wastes, and I have to say to the Finance people, shops will need fewer peoples, the workers lost will be gained and replace by designers, and 3d artists.

More 3d, coding, less hard and heavy jobs.

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Retail from the shop point of view 7

I know, I contradict myself more than one’s saying that I would speak about the location and identification of products inside the shop. I know one company in Tokyo that can do that, for identification. I will maybe find others that I will add later on, but for the positioning it would be a hard task.

Why positioning will be difficult ?

Because at first, like lots of people, I thought that insert microchip into the product should be a nice solution, I mean into the package or either if the product is big enough into its circuits but the cost for that is too important, even Amazon tried to find another solution. Here are two links the video of the Amazon Go project

And analyze of the tech involved.

Then for the recognition of products complex, set of Camera, QR code like, an A.I. completed with sensors into shelves. I even thought about radiation sensors, crazy and dangerous. Infrared printing, sonar system or other sensor but as a conclusion I thought that this is the difficult part, this part would not be mine to write, because I cannot be every role in this story. Here comes the genius engineer. Anyway I just don’t know how location notification of product will be made but it will be necessary for the system to work I just accept the fact that this is not my role to properly speak about it. We are about concept anyway.

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Retail from the shop point of view 6

I just like to think about the problem because I want this tool to exist. I am no engineer, or 3d artist, I am the guy in the shop confronting the piles of products. I am the guy with the need… It will be made, surely not like I imagine it, but my pleasure here is to think about how.

The glasses exist,

your are equipped with an A.I. that know you better than yourself, information is kept in some sort of safe, your data will be as important as money. Identification system based on the Iris, perfect with our glasses system.

Then we will imagine later on this safe, and it security …but with each individual an A.I…..

No, no Cortana here, more a Jeeves. This Jeeves.


For those who don’t know Jeeves, read it. Really.

Will it be silent to you or not, but I imagine also each shop will have it’s A.I. keeper, and I imagine a bizarre discussion.

It will be like a butler conversation, 2 virtual servants, will discuss about you…

-You know he has big feet…not only long, really…

-We have few of that kind of shoes,
but we have…

-Really, let me see it. (He looks at the shoes) no, no, he does not like this color. Do you have another color…

And so on…

The next point will be positioning of products in the shop.

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Retail from the shop point of view 5



Price change everything.

I will review problems with the sales team and think about solutions in this post.

Everyday prices are changing.

And some times like the last Friday, every single price in on day, in a magic wand (except that the wand was 3 guys from 10h to 22h, non-stop, the others taking care of the shop and clients).

When you go to this kind of shop or any kind of shop you are not conscious that everyday price are changing. Prices are changing because the product doesn’t sell well, because the project is at the end of its life cycle, price are changing because it was decided so. It depends on shops but sometime you have two sets of prices or even three sets of prices for each product, the white one, the yellow one, and the big promotion price one. See above.

Products have to be found and prices must be changed, for that product bar-code scanned and through different sets of software running into company OS you print your prices.
I know this part to be boring but it’s the everyday life of lot of people. And nobody thinks about it. It’s about 30% of the labor time.

I will speak INVESTOR language. If technology was more into reduce worker time, you will need fewer workers, then you will make lots of savings. A big nice amount of it.

But you need to invest in tech and ask for habits change from clients.

You need also to distribute the new fancy product that will ease everything, make it a habit, also that other shops chain follow your example. And then from there share the risk with other companies.

(Finally not so easy today, but tomorrow ?)

Then Why print Price?

Ok, I am a very bad draftsman. I’m not going to make a drawing. But the idea is simple. I think that better than VR, MR has some big success ahead. If you put on your MR Glasses and prices was showing near the product. You will not have any need to print or change anything. You will have 2 big difficulties, identification of the product and spacial positioning of the product at any time.

Almost all problems of the previous post are solved, Prices, promotion campaign, organization of the disposition of product in the shop, in the backyard, you will need 2 interfaces, one for the client and one for the sales team, with a different info for each one.

That’s it.

Let’s make those Glasses!!!

Next post speak about positioning of product inside the shop.

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Retail from the shop point of view 4


Reality of the Shop

Client point of view does not solve shop problems, you have multiple stocks, changing prices, crazy superiors, feared as much as the shop can be turned upside down and 2 months of labeling and fighting against disorder can be destroyed in 2 hours. Designers only think client experience as a smooth, linear experience. In reality, a shop and the backyard are in a constant mess that you have to fight with (against).


For the shop team, it’s sexy to have a robot for example, but it will not boost the sales. It will only make work harder. Compress time, after 2 weeks you can find it in the backyard. Or left aside.

Technology must be part of the team sales process or it will be ignored.

To tell it short…ever body speak about digital experience without the point of view of the actual sales team.

A shop with lots of articles, let’s say the first floor of an Electric shop. BestBuy, Yamada  denki, Yodobashi kamera, Fnac, Virgin…

Here comes some truth about shops:

  1. prices changes every day, print it and replace it.
  2. campaign promotion, print it, place it.
  3. stock management, products have to be sent back to maker, decision of maker, problem with the product, or what ever
  4. sales objectives to be fulfilled.
  5. And not the last and surely not the least, sold products automatically replenished with new products meaning finding places, new prices.
  6. Communications with the makers sales team that come sometimes in the shop,
  7. But more than 6, new products that comes without any info, promotions tools nor any contact with maker team. Deal with it.

This is every day, and you are never more than 5. I omit also the security check of the picky firefighters. The Backyard? Push everything on sides, it will look organized. Yes you are mixing products, yaaaaa.

As a conclusion for this post I would say that leave the marketing team and the designers make the slides to sale to CEOs, but listen to the shop team who are fighting every day against time and products.

Today again the battle was lost.

Then I will add something absurd but even if Amazon is selling more and more every day shop will not disappear, shop will integrate the web experience in the real world. I just don’t know how because I’m not a specialist but as I will say in all the posts it is not my role to find technology that will make it possible, my role is to express an image of what is necessary.

But let’s be back and announce the next post, It will be about What the shop team need, and in how savings can be made with it.

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Retail from the shop point of view 3

Nice and really…


Here is more ground facts point of view…

Ok let me add this last…

Nice but…

I speak only for myself,

this is a vision of guys that have never had to make latte, or sale lightning cable in a real shop for a living.

Or with the back door storage facility to organize. You alone with millions of products to give a purpose to.

No real connection to immediate profit in the real life. No gain of time for the shop.

They did a great job in these videos, and I am sure they are hard workers… They surely drank lots of lattes.

I just want to emphasis on the fact that those videos are always from the shopper, client point of view.

But if a new technology is a loss of time for the shop team, it will just die. Faint away.  In Japan, more than nowhere else.

My purpose is to speak about how to make an immediate use of it, in real shops, just now… follow me in the next post. I will speak about shop reality and not augmented or mixed at all.

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