A problem to be solved, let’s do this 6

My previous post set all the tools that we need, we gain one week on our schedule.
But I didn’t spoke about the other tools that we can use. Most of them are freeware or free to use on the development phase. Then they represent no cost, meaning that everybody can be the new Zuckerberg.

But not really, for a game making in 20 minutes or my Pharaonic plan to conquer the world with a new industry there is a main problem. A big one.

Yes my big problem is my computer.
Bought in 2011, a NEC Laptop. The guy up is an image.
To be able to manipulate all those software, even freesource, is simply impossible.

What should I do?
Buy a new one, where to find the money, where to put it? at home?
Use a shareable computer? Does this exists?
In university yea… surely, but except as a teacher no one will let me in.
A share Office? Never heard of shareable computer????

I just don’t know?
Finally, all those software need graphic cards, serious expensive GPU, CPU.
What is made with Blender and the render farm concept can be interesting.
The first thing that come in mind is Burp.
Collaborative render farm based on the freeware Blender.
Mix with the use of assets given by the community, creazy stuff can be done.
Imagine that for the bellow movies, my computer would render an image in 2 or 3 hours.
I did all using the previously Blender, Burp, and material found on the web.

or even this one

But this distract us from our talk.
I need to instal in a computer the previously said set of software but my actual monster is just not powerful enough.
Solution one:
Shareable computer, where, how?
Solution two:
The use of cloud technology to control a computer and just convey the visualization of the screen on my computer, technically hard. And how, who will help? (But still interesting)
Solution three:
Do a Ulule or Campfire and try to aggregate people around the project.

Will see which one is the more feasible.


Work in process, let’s do this 3

For my English proofreading, I use this page.


Okay then, I made a Google Docs that everybody can contribute to.


I need first to understand what is the field. I need to know more. Then here is the list organized by continent, country, name of companies, websites. No direct contact because I’m not here to sell or to buy something. Just exploring.

Let’s do this! What do we need? 2

First what do we want?

To be Franc with you it’s more the process of project management, accomplishment that interest me than the actual realization. I will continue the fancy from the previous post series.

“How A.R. can be a useful tool for a shop, from the shop keeper point of view.”

I spent few minutes today choosing free tools to help me manage my project.

I choose to use 2 programs in the same time.



And another, in order to visualize better time and task.



Are they a good choice, I don’t know?

The next task will be to see who is out there, who are the companies involved. Why? I need to know better about this ecosystem.

WIP, Work in progress.

Let’s do this! What do we need?

The bellow movie is from 2009

This one is more recent.

Better than what ever I can say, this express an artistic view of a potential future.

Creation will be helped by algorithms, a bit hard to explain how I see the future of video game creation, but mostly a game maker, an architect will work like the person of the first video.

Projects, demonstrations, Excel will leave 2 dimensions …

You will be in your presentation.

I know I am far from what I was speaking about…

A shop and the future of retail was the starting point.

My needs are in a way simple.

What I propose from now is to continue the reflection, and to try to organize it.


Let’s do this! What do we need?

But first what do we want to accomplish?

What are our tools? Are they accessible? How many persons will be involve? How much it will cost? What are the limits? And so on…

Next post…. How organize a Project?? What are the tools that we will choose for that.