Start-up opening bureau in Japan


Compensation: 1000~1200 yen
Employment type: full-time
Secretariat work.
Native or Native level Japanese speaker.
Male or Female is ok.
At first, Work will be to negotiate with real estate for opening of the first shop.
When sending info, English resume and Japanese letter of presentation of experience.



You have a product.

You are thinking about extend to Japan.

I will represent you there.

I have seen representent of massif european stores fail in Japan,

All size businesses, all backgrounds people. There is no magic nor miracle.

My concept is simple, clear.

The « passive » representation is free of charge until a client is found.

The « introduction » service have a light %, payable after.

All services can be paid in bitcoin.

Tsurubaso Agency now

A short word,

I am not doing intensively sales.

I just represent clients, introduce work to young foreigners, but I don’t do intensive sales like before.

A few emails, some introductions to companies that will help you.

Working on commission, and not on fixed salary is really really intense.

I help internationals projects that involve France.

But I accept that the most extraordinary things comes by a simple Coffee together.

Let’s have one near Roppongi.



Yuzu Questionnaire

Find Staff in Tokyo

Japan need workers. You already know that.

I am here to help a little. I work with a staffing company as a freelance recruiter, I search for low skills but what come in my mailbox is sometime high level wonderfully educated young graduated from all around the world.

I have nowhere to send them.

My staffing company is not really addressing those needs.

I am searching for companies, having the strength to integrate a new recruit.

My wish is to do things differently as other recruiting companies.

Recruiting companies work ends when the person is placed in the company.

My work will begging there.

I will follow up the trainee for linguistic, Japan corporate culture adaptation, and simple cultural adaptation.

This set of services fees will be established between the hiring company and me.





Your Tokyo representative

Let’s say you are a start up somewhere far from Japan. Your product, your Business plan…Everything is oriented to the Japan market. You know nobody there. You don’t want to spend millions in marketing.

You have to know that things go slowly in Japan, you do have to be present you have to be there but you can’t. Only a few powerful company try to enter Japanese market directly.

I know a nice number of them that just relocated their aim after few years of investment.

Japan is definitively different.

You can be the best all around the world, here it will be different.

My wish is to be your presence . In a passive, yes! In a passive way.

I will add further information about this later on. But the bass concept is even if Japanese are interested in you, your company and your technology, They will not contact you, except if they know that there is a Japan office.

If business turn to be positive then I will introduce you to a company that I will choose in regard with our accomplishment together.

Then You will be actively represented.

I see myself as a first step of your entry into the market. When you have the grip, I pass the baton to guys that I trust.

Also the idea is that you are not alone to try.

Japan is a land of opportunities.

English word of the day #EWD #ewd

map_of_usa_with_county_outlinesFor some time now, I am working my English competency by reading a selection of newspapers and watching some humorists  channels.

I decide to share all unknown words with this hash-tag  #EWD #ewd

If you want you can retweet and add your language translation of the word.

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