Proposition of Service

As a representative office:

You are a little company, where ever in the world. You want to address the Japanese Market. You think it’s expensive and difficult.

The Japanese market is thought, yes. But what everyone forgets is, you need time. Decisions here take time. And certainly, time is money. Why not be represented, and progressively learn about the market without even being there. That’s what I do. You can approach your clients, your distributors, search to understand precisely their needs even before to deploy in Japan.

As an Event organizer:

Events are the best way to connect, create a network, expose your brand, find clients and be promoted for a really cheap price. They are somehow essential.

Let’s speak about all that over a coffee, or through Skype.

Also as an Instructor:

I teach communication, in English, French and Japanese. With a proper training, a strong background, Japanese companies are ready to extend there activity abroad.